The Cube Black Standard Set (Pixhawk 2.1 Standard Carrier Board)

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PixHawk 2.1 main features:

  • Single board, high performance integrated flight controller
  • Increased reliability and reduced integration complexity
  • Improved sensor performance
  • Best ease-of-use in open-source world
  • Enough I/O for any application
  • Improved microcontroller resources


Compatible with ArduCopter, ArduPlane and ArduRover flight control software.


Key design points

  • All-in-one design with integrated FMU and lots of I/O ports
  • Designed for easy mounting (no vibration isolation needed)
  • Separate power supplies for FMU and IO with battery backup
  • RTC clock
  • Integration with standard power brick



Performance test video


Voltage, Current and Fault Sensing

Battery voltage and current reported by each of the two supported power bricks can be measured and logged by the FMU. In addition, the 5v unregulated supply rail can be measured, to detect brownouts and abnormal surges.
I/O board sensor can measure the servo power rail voltage. Over-current conditions on the peripheral power ports can be detected, and hardware lock-out prevents damage in case of persistent short-circuits on these ports. The lockout can be reset by FMU software.
The under/over voltage supervisor for FMU provides an output that is used to hold FMU in reset during brown-out events.


Battery Backup

Both the FMU and IO microcontrollers feature battery-backed real-time clocks and SRAM. The on-board backup battery has sufficient capacity to recovery from unintended power loss or other causes of in-air restarts.



Pixhawk FMU Main Board

  • STM32F427 168MHz Cortex-M4 microcontroller: 2MiB flash, 256KB RAM
  • On-board 16KiB SPI FRAM
  • MPU9250 / ICM 20xxx accelerometer and gyro
  • MS5611 Barometer
  • Micro SD interface


Vibration Damped IMU board

  • LSM303D integrated accelerometer / magnetometer
  • L3GD20 gyro
  • MPU9250 / ICM 20xxx accelerometer and gyro
  • MS5611 Barometer


I/O ports

  • 14x PWM servo outputs (8x from IO, 6x from FMU)
  • R/C inputs for CPPM, Spektrum / DSM and S-BUS
  • Analogue / PWM RSSI input
  • S-BUS servo output
  • 5x general purpose serial ports (2x with full flow control)
  • 2x I2C ports
  • SPI port
  • 2x CAN Bus interface
  • 3x analog inputs
  • High-powered piezo buzzer driver
  • High-power I2C RGB LED port
  • Safety switch with LED


Plane setup walk-through



In the box

  • 1x PixHawk 2.1 Cube
  • 1x PixHawk 2.1 Carrier Board
  • 1x Mini Power Brick
  • 1x SD Card
  • 2x Telemetry Cable
  • 1x Power Cable
  • 1x I2C Cable
  • 1x Buzzer Cable
  • 1x MicroUSB Cable
  • 1x GPS1 Cable (with safety switch)
  • 1x GPS2 Cable
  • 1x I2C Splitter
  • 1x Mounting Screws (M2.5x8)
  • 1x 3M Double Sided Foam Tape

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