Herelink Air Unit Set (without package)


SKU: HX4-06209Categories: PixHawk, autopilot and OSD

The Herelink HD Transmission System consists of a Herelink Controller and a Herelink Air Unit which are connected to each other via a 2.4GHz network. In addition to the control of a UAV, the system also allows image transmission from up to two cameras connected via Mini HDMI.

The Herelink controller not only controls the UAV, but also receives the live image with a very low latency of only 110ms. In addition, the Herelink controller provides the complete QGroundControl range of functions as well as all data, such as telemetry data, in real time. Due to the inductive touch screen, all functions can be conveniently operated.
The Herelink HD set is supported by both Ardupilot and the PX4 flight stack.

In the box
  • 1x Herelink HD Air Unit
  • 2x Herelink Taoglas Antenna
  • 1x Herelink HDMI Cable
  • 1x Herelink Cable Set
  • 1x Herelink Screw Set
  • 1x Herelink Silicone Ring Set
  • 1x Mounting Plate

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