TENGRI UAV Remote Cockpit OSD


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Not only a digital OSD system!

We all spend our days fiddling with sketchy analog OSD systems, trying different firmwares, charsets and configuration apps on COM ports, only to end up with a barely working white OSD that looks straight out from a 1980 science fiction movie.

We do have digital video out from cameras, and also digital video transmitters are not as expensive as they used to be; why don't closing the circle and implementing a fully-optional, high resolution, digital On Screen Display... that has COLOURS!!

With TENGRI UAV Remote Cockpit, you can achieve this, and you get some bonus features as picture-in-picture integration of up to 4 analog cameras (anyone thinking about surround-view systems?), easy configuration via remote controller and CANbus interface.

Of course this is all compatible with all the most used flight controls, as ArduPilot APM, PixHawk, DJI NAZA and A2/A3 etc...

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old analog OSD new TENGRI digital FullHD OSD


The TENGRI Remote Cockpit integrates flight controller telemetry and up to five camera inputs for empowering exceptional UAV piloting for inspection, search & rescue, law enforcement, fire command, professional aerial filming or for any challenging UAV mission.
It is powered by a high-performance NXP i.MX6Q Quad Core processor, and supports HDMI and Analog camera inputs and outputs.
It also features aircraft-grade telemetry, specifically designed for remote UAV operations.
TENGRI Remote Cockpit is the ultimate experience for precision UAV piloting.
In addition to enabling the highest levels of UAV piloting for safety, creativity, and precision for professionals, the Tengri Remote Cockpit has also proven to be one of the best training aids for new UAV pilots. 




  • Works with all Ardupilot APM/PX4 based flight controllers and the DJI Naza & A2 flight controllers
  • Quick plug and play installation
  • Configured via transmitter controls or USB keyboard - no laptop or mobile device required
  • Aircraft-grade, configurable head-up telemetry display for safety and precision
  • Powerful on-board video processing and output with configurable “Picture in Picture” display
  • Supporting HDMI and Analog camera inputs / outputs
  • Supports output via analog transmitter or digital transmitter via HDMI (Lightbridge/Connex, others), with Mobile Broadband (3g/4g/LTE) video transmission coming soon
  • HDMI and Analog video inputs and outputs can be mixed
    • Analog camera inputs can be transmitted via the HDMI output.
    • HDMI input can also be transmitted via the analog output
    • HDMI and Analog video inputs can be mixed for the on-board display (i.e. HDMI main window with analog Picture in Picture window)
  • Continuous enhanced functionality via firmware updates at no additional cost


Demonstration video



Download Setup Guide

In the box:

  • 1x TENGRI UAV Remote Cockpit unit
  • 1x Setup Guide
  • 5x analog video input/output cables
  • 1x serial cable for 3DR PixHawk 1 (up to v2.4.8)
  • 1x serial cable for ProfiCNC PixHawx 2 / 2.1 (the Cube) and Drotek PixHawx PRO 3
  • 1x serial cable for CUAV PixHack v3
  • 1x CANbus cable for DJI NAZA / DJI A2