TENGRI Unmanned vehicle Hub computer (UvHc) (analog camera inputs)


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SKU: T317Categories: PixHawk, autopilot and OSD

The TENGRi Unmanned vehicle HUB computer (UvHc) provides UAV builders and operators a device for integrating different flight controllers, sensors, payloads, navigation, video, communications, and control devices into a single unified platform.

The UvHc is powered by an NXP iMX6 Quad processor with a purpose built industrial grade Linux OS for reliably integrating all your components in building incredibly reliable and innovative UAV systems.
Integrate and deploy best-in-class air, ground, and cloud components with the TENGRi Sensor Fusion firmware that supports popular hardware manufacturers and standards.


Key Features

  • Works with all Ardupilot and PX4 based flight controllers.
  • Quick plug & play installation. Configured via RC transmitter controls or USB keyboard – no laptop or mobile device required.
  • Integrates with most popular devices such as Futaba / Frsky RC transmitters, RFD telemetry radios, HDMI cameras, FPV analog cameras,
  • Connex HD video transmission, off-the-shelf USB wifi adapters/antennas for DIY HD broadcasting, game controllers / joysticks, and much more.
  • New integrations are being added continuously.
  • Hardware connectivity via USB, Serial/UART, HDMI, Composite analog camera input, and Canbus. USB Hub connectivity is supported for connecting multiple devices.
  • Software / firmware connectivity via Mavlink, UAVCAN, TCP/IP, UDP, TENGRi_Broadcast. New protocols being added quarterly.
  • Develop an integrated professional system highly customised to your specific requirements and UAV’s.
  • Upgradeable and expandable to support new devices, protocols, and standards.

In the box:

  • 1x Setup guide
  • 1x TENGRI Unmanned vehicle Hub computer
  • 5x Analog video connection cables
  • Serial connection for Pixhawk 1 generation flight controllers
  • 1x Serial connection for Cube, Holybro, DROTEK flight controllers
  • 1x Serial connection for CUAV flight controllers
  • 1x Canbus connector