The Cube Orange FD Combo (ADS-B Carrier Board)


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ADSB air traffic awareness

With the integrated 1090MHz ADSB receiver from uAvionix, the Autopilot software con receive realtime insformation about nearby traffic directly from the airplanes, without the need of 4G connection.
Mission Control software can be configured to perform automatic avoidance and safety procedures.

Compatible with ArduCopter, ArduPlane and ArduRover flight control software.


The Cube Orange

Targets to education, drones lovers and professional cost-effective flight control hardware providers.
The new generation of more powerful H7 processor, stronger performance, faster, more secure, built-in triple redundant sensor, temperature control shock absorption IUM.
With the help of flight software, Cube Orange can completely fly any remotely controlled aircraft, helicopter or multi-rotor vehicle and become a more professional uav platform.

ARM Cortex-H7 inside

  • High Performance H7 Processor (STM32H753VIT6)
  • 32 bit | 480MHz | 1MB RAM | Cortex®-H7
  • 3 IMU's integrated Barometer, Magnetometer, Accelerometer, Gyro
  • DF17 connector interfaces: CAN, I2C, Serial, SWD, I/O



PixHawk main features:

  • Single board, high performance integrated flight controller
  • Increased reliability and reduced integration complexity
  • Improved sensor performance
  • Best ease-of-use in open-source world
  • Enough I/O for any application
  • Improved microcontroller resources


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This combo contains:

  • 1x HX4-06160 The Cube Orange FD
  • 1x HX4-06105 ADSB Carrier Board 
  • 1x HX4-06008 Power Brick Mini
  • 1x HX4-06217 The Cube Standard Cable Set
  • 1x HX4-06152 CAN BUS Splitter
  • 1x HX4-06220 3M Sticker Set


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