KopterMax LiPo battery - 6s 10000mAh 30-50C


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KopterMax new lithium-polymers based packs are specifically developed where high capacity is required, but without sacrificing peak power output: rated for 30C continuous discharge and 50C peak load, these batteries can deliver best-in-class performance without risk of overheating or swelling.
Cells are ohm-matched to guarantee levelled wear and discharge throughout the entire life of the battery.



The 6s (22.2v) configuration is ideal for heavy lifting drones, with high payload requirements and 6 to 8 motors.
You can use these batteries on FreeFly Alta 6 and 8 series, DJI Matrice 600, DJI S800/900/1000/1100, Tarot 680/720 and FoxTech multicopters; the balanced power to weight ratio makes them useful even for power-angry fixed wing planes and VTOLs.




Every battery comes with its own spec sheet, reporting the actual measured capacity at time of production.
Each phase of the manufacturing is carefully checked and a report sheet signed by our technicians is included in the box.



The devil is in the detail.
That's why we provide solid and reliable XT150 power connectors, capable of sustained load in excess of 150A and short burst of 600A.
They also provide optimal isolation from accidental short circuits and sparks up to 60v.
No risk of overload, melting or burning even in the most demanding application.
The balance connector is a standard 7 pin JST-XH, but reinforced and shielded for protection and ease of plugging and unplugging.




  • Dimensions: 53x71x185 mm
  • Weigth: 1,4 kg

In the box:

  • 1x KopterMax Lipo battery 6s 10000mAh
  • 1x signed report and quality control sheet