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HeliEngadin is a young and dynamic company, whose staff is composed of professionals in the fields of flight, informatics, and engineering.

At the heart of our operations lies a commitment beyond mere product offerings. Our primary focus revolves around the meticulous study, innovative design, and the bespoke crafting of autonomous vehicles spanning the skies, terrains, and agricultural landscapes. Our forte extends to providing personalized consultation services to enterprises engaged in self-driving vehicle endeavors. With an extensive grasp of the electronic components landscape, we stand poised to guide you towards the optimal choices to meet your specific requirements and aspirations.


Cesare Matteo
Cesare is a commercial helicopter pilot, video/photographer and pioneer in the field of online sales since 1998. Strongly motivated to transfer his aeronautical knowledge into UAV sector, and in particular in the promotion of situational awareness and safety during drones operations. Matteo is an expert in electronics engineering and computer science. Despite his young age, he has already been active for several years in the design, manufacture and repair of unmanned aerial vehicles. He's also a videographer, specialized in editing and post production.
Cesare and Matteo met by chance, and the common interest to develop new technologies to implement safety and reliability in flight, pushed them to work together and create a new company.
HeliEngadin was born; headquartered in Swiss, it provides aerial services, sales and repairings for many UAV-related products.
KopterMax is the branch of HeliEngadin created with the mission of developing and crafting innovative products to improve the usage of UAVs and incrementing flight safety.



Via Grevas, 37
7500 Sankt Moritz