Regenerated TB47

Refurbished DJI TB47 batteries for the Inspire 1/Matrice 100 drones are IN STOCK!
Full capacity, zero cycles, warranty is provided.
Order yours today!

New design, unprecedented look!


Enjoy the portability of your drone without sacrificing safety and setup time!
With KopterMax carbon fiber folding propellers, you would never need to attach and remove props to your drone anymore.
Carbon fiber construction ensures maximum safety, reliability and efficiency, to increase flight time and perform more consistently in high wind or high altitude environments.

ArduCopter / ArduPilot systems

PixHawk CUBE autopilot

Unleash the true potential of your drone with a rock-solid, feature-packed Open Source autopilot platform!
Based on ProfiCNC hardware, the PixHawx 2.1 flight control board and ecosystem is the most capable and cost-effective solution for your Copter, Plane, Rover, Boat.... and whatever vehicle you may want to experiment with!
With the addition of the HERE+ RTK GPS/GLONASS navigation system, you'll get the same positional accuracy as most high end professional system, allowing centimeter-level navigation and geo-referencing of images and multispectral data.


Inspire 2 cutoff

Laws in many countries require you to equip your Inspire 2 with a parachute, in order to be able to fly near or over people in delicate scenarios.
But when parachute is deployed, cables may tangle into the props or get cut.

This is usually solved by brutally removing power from the entire aircraft via a remote switch, stopping the motors and killing the avionics and video feed in the process.

We specially designed a cut-off circuit that stops the motors immediately, WITHOUT removing power, thus maintaining you in contact with the drone at any time
You will always know exact GPS position and watch the live video during the descent.

FullHD digital video hub

TENGRI UV Hub Computer

The digital revolution has just begun!
Here's world first drone On-Screen-Display and Hub Computer for digital video, to view telemetry data directly over the live camera streaming.
Supports 1x HDMI and 4x analog inputs, for picture-in-picture visualisation and digital broadcasting.
Compatible with all major flight control systems as PixHawk and DJI NAZA/A2/A3.

Other Featured Products



From architecture industry to cultural heritage, the benefits from having a complete 3D model of the scene are endless.

Forget the risks and cost involved with sending a worker climbing up on buildings: with our drones, we can map any object, infrastructure or even entire valleys!

This can also be vital in case of natural disasters: having a 3D model means being able to reconstruct any valuable building piece-by-piece, any time in the future.

Our powerful softwares can also extract 3D models from already existing videos!

HOW-TO: use your mouse or touch
to rotate and zoom the model -->


As the map suggests, no place is unreachable for HeliEngadin; more than 150 countries are served by our couriers.

Special regions as Antartica, Greenland and remote islands are not a problem.

(map represents actual customers)


Customer assistance is in our opinion as important as the product sold.
Feel free to contact us for any information or request from the Contacts page!


We are proud of the fact that all of our product are locally made from the best Swiss craftsmen, and checked one-by-one for functionality and visual defects.


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