REGENERATED TB48 battery for DJI Inspire 1/Pro/v2

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DJI TB48 5700mAh Inspire 1 Battery

The Inspire 1 is still one of the most utilized drone worldwide; the X5R camera is capable of delivering stunning RAW video that is really appreciated in most of the productions, without the costly parts, lenses and mainteniance of the Inspire 2, and from our direct experience, the reliability is drastically superior.

Unfortunately, DJI has decided to discontinue essential spare parts for the Inspire 1, such as the TB47 and TB48 batteries.

Since we are the first users of the Inspire 1 itself, and seeing a large demand for new batteries coming from all around the world, we decided to regenerate the TB48 batteries on our own, using the highest quality Lithium-Polymers cells.

We are taking care of the entire process here in Switzerland at the KopterMax HQ, to ensure that such a delicate and dangerous product is assembled in the safest and most accurate way.



Every battery is carefully assembled to meet the safety standards and exceed the original manufacturer qualty; each cell is individually tested for full capacity, and matched to guarantee the maximum lifespan of the whole pack.

In the package you will find a custom spec sheet, reporting amongst the other data, the actual measured capacity of that precise battery at time of production.
The document is compiled automatically by the testing hardware, but it is checked and signed by our technicians in person.



In order to not alter the precise energy gauging algorithms that run in the software on the battery's microprocessor, we decided to maintain the charging cyles count that is displayed on the DJI GO app; since the cells are the only item that wear over time (electronics onboard the battery is not affected), we will indicate how many discharges went into the old cells, so you can easily calculate the discharge cycles of the new cells: just subtract the number on the side of the battery from the total count displayed in the DJI GO app.


When a battery gets old and is not performing well anymore, it is a waste throwing it in the bin! 

Plastic chassis and electronic parts inside can be reused, as they are often still in perfectly good conditions.

So make the right thing for the environment.
And last but not least, your pockets will benefit too.


If you own one or more TB48 batteries that are not performing good anymore, with bad or swelling cells, not powering up at all, or you just want to get rid of them, just send them to us to get a 30€ discount on the purchase of a new, regenerated TB48 battery.

Please send us batteries ONLY if they are in an acceptable state of preservation, which means not damaged or broken; if you still feel unsure, you can provide us some pictures at and we will evaluate them.


In the box:

  • 1x DJI TB48 5700mAh Inspire 1 battery
  • 1x report and quality control sheet