HerePro Multi-RTK (Alpha Version)


SKU: HX4-06070Categories: PixHawk, autopilot and OSD

HerePro is a professional high precision Multi-band RTK GNSS module for UAVs, which features small size and light weight, weighs only 101g.
With built-in STM32H753 chip HerePro has a powerful processing performance for real-time data processing and data optimization; Using multi-frequency DGNSS signals and advanced algorithm, the base station can complete convergence and transmission of the differential data in seconds, achieving more reliable and stable centimeter level positioning.
HerePro supports both fixed and moving base mode, so you can build a high-precision differential positioning system by using one HerePro as RTK rover and another HerePro as RTK base.

In the box:
1x HerePro High Precision Multi-band RTK


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