DJI Inspire 2 motor cutoff


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Everything under control

Unlike other flight terminators, that remove power from the entire aircraft, our cut-off does just what it's needed: instantly stopping the rotation of the motors before ejecting parachute.
This means that all the onboard electronic systems continue to work, even during the parachute-controlled descent.
Pilot will maintain live GPS position on map, altitude data, vertical velocity and video feed from the onboard camera.
Auxiliary functions like gimbal operation and landing gears keep working: pilot will have the chance to lower the landing gears before the drone touches ground, with the purpose of saving as much as possible the expensive camera equipment.


Unique features

  • Easy plug-and-play installation
  • No loss of aircraft manufacturer warranty
  • Zero-delay, instant flight termination and motor stop
  • Avionics remains powered during the cut-off period
  • GPS position and video feed working while descending
  • Sound alarm for search and recovery in grass or snow
  • Dedicated radio band with frequency hopping
  • Available in bundle with specific parachute system


Easy to install, plug & forget!

Installing the cut-off is simple and intuitive: just remove the plastic nose of the drone, plug it in and you're good to go!
The module is transparent to aircraft operations, and its installation does not void the warranty of the drone.


Who needs this

  • Commercial UAV operators and video production companies
  • Scrupulous amateur flyers
  • Workers in the survey and inspection industry
  • Professional pilots operating in hazardous environments
  • Firefighters, foresters and police officers 
  • Business conducting authorised operations over people
  • Search and rescue and medical operators

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