KopterMax flight termination radio


433 MHz433 MHz
868 MHz868 MHz
915 MHz915 MHz

In the rising era of remote controlled drones, government authorities around the world started imposing strict rules on flights and operations.

Many times the mandatory requirement to be authorised for a critical operation is to have onboard a way to stop the motors, remove power or deploying a parachute in case something goes wrong or the drone flies away.

This also needs to communicate on a different frequency than the drone itself for interference robustness, be operated from a third person that is not the main drone pilot, and be able to over perform the drone's remote link distance.

KopterMax radio system is designed to comply with all of these requirements, offering a safe, ready to go packet for remote activation of any electronic system.

Radio will work on any drone that has a RC servo-signal actuated safety system (not necessarily implying a servo motor), and will notify the operator when the system is being activated. Also a blue light will show in any moment the status of the link, informing the user if the signal is not stable or if the remote device is not responding.

Main characteristics:

  • Long range: over 2 km (1.4 mile) range (better than most conventional radios), allowing users to take advantage of their drone's flight range without compromising its safety.
  • 433/868/915 MHz band: the radio is on a totally different frequency, separate from the common 2.4 and 5.8 GHz that are very congested and widely used to control and transmit the video signal on most commercial drones; this avoids interference with drone control link or WiFi networks.
  • Small design: fits in your hand or pocket, making it an easy addition to bring along with your other drone supplies.
  • Standard RC servo interface: you can plug in anything that works on a standard 1mS ~ 2mS pulse, and it will work in a dual position switching mode. It is compatible with virtually ANY DRONE or parachute or even fireworks!
  • Easy setup: the documentation website has all the details regarding installation, use and troubleshooting
  • Fast endpoint calibration: setting the servo travel and activation point is simple from the PC software
  • Super long battery life: no need to charge your radio in-between flights, as the internal battery will power it up for the whole day
  • Quick USB charge: charging your transmitter is the same as charging a phone, just plug it in to any USB port. You can expect a full charge to be complete in just 1 hour.
  • Double click activation: arming takes one single long click on the ARM button, after that a click on the KILL button will deploy the parachute. Accidental activation is impossible when not armed.


Possible uses:

  • Drone parachute deployment
  • Emergency motor shutdown (with KopterMax cutoff device)
  • Water balloon drop
  • Aftermarket retracts
  • Fireworks
  • Automation in general



In the box:

  • KopterMax radio transmitter
  • KopterMax radio receiver