RFD868 TXMOD V2 (RC transmitter module)


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The RFDesign TXMOD is an all in one long range telemetry data and RC control system.

Designed to work in conjunction with any Radio Controller capable of accepting JR Transmitter Modules, the RFD TX Module can transmit the PPM stream from the controller to the vehicle via the RFD868X long range telemetry modem while also receiving telemetry data received from the aircraft.

The module's built in WiFi link allows for simple webpage based configuration and broadcasting of telemetry data to a computer or smart device.

It is a JR style module that plugs into any RC transmitter that has can accept JR style modules (Frsky Taranis, JR, Frsky Horus)

It provides a bridge between the RC transmitter and aircraft while carrying RC PPM data and mavlink telemetry streams at the same time.



- Long range using RFD868x telemetry modem

- 2.4GHz WiFi  AP / Client modes with TCP + UDP packet support

- Easy configuration by web-based wizard built in

- Direct plug in to any RC transmitter with JR style modules (eg. Taranis X9D, Horus, ...)

- Wide range 5-18V input supply

- Optimised for use with Mavlink/Mission Planner/QGCS



Long range remote control (RC) via PPM

Ground control station (GCS) telemetry gateway over WiFi


52.05 x 66.94 x 38mm


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