RFD900x Multi Cable 300mm



Product Description

This cable allows an RFD900x or RFD868x modem to be connected to the TELEM port on a PixHawk Carrier board, an external SBUS / PPM connection and External 5V Power Supply.

The 5V supply is provided from a separate header, not connected to the carrier board which is required for full transmit power (30dBm) use.

The SBUS/PPM I/O cable is 3.3v tolerant and is able to be a source or sink of PPM or SBUS, while also mixing formats on either end.


** The orientation of the cable is such that the black triangle is towards the PIN 1 label on the 16w header on the RFD900x PCB.  The red wire is on pin 4 of the modem.  Inserting the cable the incorrect way, can cause damage to the modem. 


Length : 300mm

Weight : 4g