Carbon Fiber folding propellers for DJI Inspire 2

€229.00 – €339.00

4x propellers (1 set)4x propellers (1 set)
6x propellers (1 set + 2x spare props)6x propellers (1 set + 2x spare props)
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Due to the extraordinary situation, our production line for DJI Inspire 2 Folding Propellers had to stop.
In the meantime, we revised the design and moulding to manufacture an even better version.
Delivery of the new props is expected for August.
We suggest to preorder now to reserve your set at the same price as before.


No quick-release issues anymore!

Here we are - again! - DJI managed to mess with the Inspire 2 propellers!

Their new, top in class prosumer drone already has issues with the quick release system they keep implementing.

We've seen dozens of users unboxing their brand new toy and then realizing they can't fly it because of bad quality props, bended props, rattling props, even props that are too big to fit on the motor!
And what's best, DJI customer support seem non-existing, or they just want the entire drone back - with no guarantee that the replacement unit will have the issues solved.

And then, still you have to take off all the 4 props every time you need to put the inspire into the case - or just place it in a tight space like a backpack or a car backseat; you then need to put them on again before flying, with the doubt of having secured them enough; this is all wasted time and added stress, when you're already in a hurry between a shot and the next one.

So we decided to obliterate the problem straight through, offering you the definitive propeller for your drone: solid, stiff and portable, full-carbon fiber FOLDING propellers!

They are always installed and ready to go; they fit in the original case with minor mod to it, and you get the same features as the original ones (as bench and in-flight tests confirm), with the added strength and responsiveness of the Carbon Fiber.

The fear that any prop could disengage mid-air will be just a memory of the past!


The mechanics are machined from 7075 aeronautical Aluminum alloy (Ergal), by world-leading 5 axes Hermle CNC milling machines, with aerospatial tolerance grade.


Installation instructions

Technical details at

In the box:

  • 4x Carbon Fiber 15" folding propellers (2x CW, 2x CCW), pre-assembled and balanced
  • 4x foam brackets for locking blades during transportation
  • tools for installation
Replacement foams available, click here.