Parachute kit for DJI Inspire 2

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Main target: safety of flight!

Inspire 2 is an astounding machine, capable of 6k video and CinemaDNG RAW recording.
But as we know, Murphy's law, wild birds and sometimes even DJI's own firmware updates can play bad jokes during any flight.

Laws and Aviation authorities are also quite restrictive when it comes to trusting drones and permit flight over crowds or sensible locations; redundancy is often a strict requirement, and a four-motors drone like the Inspire 2 has none.

A solid and acknowledge solution is to equip the aircraft with a parachute system, adding a layer of safety and redundancy to the UAV's own electronics and power systems; also the radio frequency band must be different from the main control link, to prevent interference and jamming of both systems at the same time.

The presented SkyCat system is perfect for this application: it deploys in milliseconds, thanks to the patented Fuse trigger, and slows down the drone to 5m/S, low enough to save the equipment and give time to the people underneath to move away.

It fits perfectly at the center of the drone, keeping the optimal balance of the aircraft. Inspire 2 sensors like the downward optical cameras and ultrasonic rangefinder keep working, as they're not obstructed by the parachute kit.

Installation on drone is easy: just use the "Extended device mounting position" (Inspire 2 manual page 9 - item 6) and screw the parachute mount using the four provided T8 Torx screws; we also include 4x thumb screws for easy removal. 

This bundle also includes 1mt extension rope, which increases the distance of the parachute from the copter, preventing wire tangling into booms and propellers.


Parachute radio can be operated by a third person, for maximum safety; it is available in both 433MHz and 915MHz.

Included in the kit is the KopterMax motor cutoff device, which immediately stops the motors when the parachute is deployed.
This allows the props to stop and avoid cutting or tangling the parachute wires.
The circuit doesn't interfere with drone's power system, so even during the parachute-controlled descent, the drone will remain powered, providing live video and telemetry feed on the remote controller; in this way, the pilot knows in any moment the GPS coordinates of the aircraft, and the position on the map where it is landing.

The bundle comes ready-to-use, with all the required components pre-assembled; each kit is individually tested, including cutoff device, radio, batteries and charger.
Nothing extra needs to be purchased; and most important, drone warranty is not voided!


Spare fuses available, click here

Installation video

Technical details at and

In the box:

  • 48 inch ultra-light parachute
  • Full carbon fiber parachute launcher
  • KopterMax intelligent activation trigger
  • KopterMax motor cutoff device
  • Carbon fiber mounting hardware
  • KopterMax parachute radio
  • 2x high current LiPo batteries
  • LiPo charger